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March 15th


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About Protonet

At Protonet, we follow our vision to build technologies that make people simply independent, allowing them to take back control and ownership of their data. Today our solutions provide small businesses with the easiest way to run their own private cloud. But for us – product development doesn’t end there – it’s just the beginning. Stay tuned for more! #CHOICE


Evolution continues

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Make your choice – join us

March 2016

Big Sister

Launch of the new “Carla” – the power of a server room in the size of two shoeboxes.

February 2016

The Evolution continues


December 2015

A cloud with soul

Launch of the public cloud version of our software “SOUL live”.

December 2015

The revolution continues to expand

Already 2000 corporations (SOHO, SMB, KMU, NGOs) have chosen Protonet.

June 2015

A place amongst the world's best

Silver Lion goes to the campaign video “How China are You” at the advertising festival in Cannes.

June 2015

New appearance

Raising our profle as a provider for modern project management and collaboration software.

April 2015

As disturbing as it is award-worthy

Launch of the “How China are You” video.

March 2015

Listen to THIS!

Launch of the viral video-campaign “The Keynote”.

March 2015

Mobilization of the masses

The launch of the sociopolitical campaign “Free Your Data”

December 2014

Breaking through the sonic barrier

The turnover exceeds the million mark.

September 2014

Transmigration of the soul

The re-designing of the user interface, the “soul” of the Protonet solutions for SOUL 2.0.

August 2014

Shooting star

Protonet is awarded Startup Of The Year 2014 by Seedmatch and by the Lead Awards.

May 2014

Little sister

Launch of the “Maya” – the “smallest server in the world”.

June 2014

World record

2nd crowdfunding-round at Seedmatch, Protonet holds the world record: 3 million Euros raised in 133 hours.

December 2013

The revolution and her children

The 100th corporation decides to go for a Protonet solution.

July 2013

It's a girl!

Carla launches on the market.

November 2012

European record

First crowdfunding-round at Seedmatch: european record cracked with 200,000 Euros in 48 minutes.

September 2012

Convincing concept

Winner of the startup competition IKT-Innovative by BMWi (Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology).

March 2012

the revolution begins

Ali Jelveh and Christopher Blum establish Protonet.